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Why choose Wolverine Pest Control?

Wolverine Pest Services is a family and veteran-owned business that provides commercial, residential, and emergency pest control services to Eaton Rapids, Michigan, 48827 and surrounding areas. There is no single solution for every pest problem. When you contact us for pest removal services, our experienced exterminators will inspect your home or business and recommend the best pest management solution specific to your needs. Whether you need year-round pest management or emergency eradication services, Wolverine Pest Control is your top-rated local pest control company. We believe pest control services should be effective, safe, humane, and affordable.

Say Goodbye to Pests

Cockroaches, Fleas. Ticks. Silverfish. Ants. Bees. Rats. Mice. Household pests in Eaton Rapids can be a lot more than a nuisance-they can threaten your health and potentially your property. In fact, just one mouse in your household can contaminate 10x more food than it can normally eat. Thats why Wolverine pest and bug control services are so important around your home. Find out how pest control from Wolverine can help solve your pest problems now- and in the future.
  • More than 30 years of pest control experience
  • Extensive exterminator training in all areas of pest control

The Wolverine Guarantee

We offer indoor and outdoor pest prevention for both commercial and residential properties. Pest infestations are overwhelming, and selecting a pest control company is an important decision. It’s more than simply a nuisance—some pests can endanger your family through contamination or property damage. Routine pest control services can protect you and your home year-round. If you need pest removal from your home or business, you can rely on the professionals at Wolverine Pest Control to exterminate common household bugs and insects. Protect your property and eliminate pest infestations. Wolverine Pest Services is a Family/Veteran owned business. Owned and operated by Scott Vandermark and his son Matthew. We are a small business that is growing very rapidly; our office is located in Eaton Rapids MI


Eaton Rapid's Choice for Pest Control


Ant Control Services Near You Marshall

Pet, child, and eco-friendly products at no additional charge.

Protecting your home from pests doesn’t have to cost you your health- or a fortune. While some exterminators charge a premium for environmentally safe pest control, WOLVERINE uses only products that can do the job without harming your family. That’s why more homeowners in Marshall, Grand Rapids, Lansing, Jackson, Ann Arbor Marshall, Howell, Charlotte, MI, and other cities in the Surrounding Areas trust WOLVERINE for weekly, monthly, and yearly pest control services. A variety of services and plans to fit your needs- and your budget.

WOLVERINE offers one-time applications and monthly and bi-monthly services for general pest control. With WOLVERINE Pest Control, you know you’re getting a fair price on pest services (no big corporation markups here) and personalized services you won’t find with big companies. We schedule our treatments at a time you are home so you can observe the application and understand exactly what we do every step of the way. As a courtesy, our estimates and consultations are always free, and WOLVERINE has plenty of special offers to save you money.


Cockroach Removal Services You Can Trust with Wolverine

Cockroach Removal Experts in the Marshall area

Any and every house is susceptible to pests such as termites, bats, bed bugs, and more! They can cause unwanted stress and property damage, costing you more money in the long run. That’s where Wolverine Pest Control comes in to help! We’re a local Veteran owned, faith-based family-owned & operated extermination company, and we care about your well-being. We help find you a solution that’s affordable and works for you and your home! Our answers are quick, effective, and eco-friendly

7 Tips to Protect Your Yard from Pests, Rodents, and Wildlife

1. Keep doors and windows in safe working condition.
2. Seal cracks and holes along doors, windows, attics, chimneys, and foundation
3. Install chimney netting
4. Keep the property and home free of food debris
5. Store compost in closed containers
6. Keep garbage cans tightly sealed
7. Remove bird feeders from your yard


Top Choice For Mosquito Control in Marshall, MI

The only name to trust in Marshall for mosquito control is Wolverine Pest Control!

Homeowners in Eaton Rapids, and South East Michigan can rest easy knowing Wolverine is available for emergency pest control to protect their homes against any mosquito, bug or critter invading them.

Wolverine Pest Control has 2 generations of experience in identifying at-risk areas of your home and the skills, equipment, and knowledge to eradicate pests safely and effectively. We offer same-day service and ongoing treatments to keep your pests at bay.


Same Day Pest Extermination in Marshall

Wolverine Pest Control will eliminate bed bugs, spiders, insects, fleas, or other creepy crawlers from your home and keep them out!

What bug is this?

Is it a wasp or a hornet? A flea or a bedbug? A flying ant or termite? The first step in bed bug pest control is knowing what pest you’re dealing with. We’ve identified the most common household bugs and insects in the SE Michigan area to answer your most common questions here. If you’re unsure of what pest has invaded your home or need pest control right away, call Wolverine! We’re available 7 days a week for emergency-only pest control to quickly and safely get your pest or rodent problem under control. ZIP code 49068

We treat indoor and outdoor creatures the same- like unwelcome guests.

Whether you have bats, rats, mice, spiders, wasps, mosquitos, cockroaches, bedbugs, fleas, termites, millipedes, crickets, or any other creepy invader, call Wolverine Pest Control. We are available to help 24/7- even on holidays to keep your family safe and your guests comfortable. Emergency Services Available (517) 999-5008

For all your service needs - Wolverine Pest Control today!.

We are your Wolverine Pest Control company. Contact us today to rid your home of unwanted pests! Whether you&re interested in Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, or One-time pest control service visits…we have a program just for you! Keeping your time in mind…

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