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Are you having trouble with ground bees in your yard? Wolverine Pest Control can help! We offer information on a 5-step process to get rid of ground bees safely and effectively. The acetic acid in vinegar is deadly to bees, which is why using a white vinegar and water solution is often recommended if you need to control. If you're dealing with ground bees, follow these steps to eliminate them and enjoy a buzz-free home. Contact us today to learn more.

How to get rid of bees

Ground bees, also known as insects, that nest in the ground, can be a nuisance for lawns. Unlike other bees’ nest in the open or tree cavities, ground bees build unsightly nests that can harm grass health. Fortunately, there are simple DIY methods using household ingredients to get rid of them. If these methods fail, consider planting new grass or seeking help from a professional bee removal service like Wolverine Pest Control near Grand Rapids, Michigan.

How to Identify Ground Bees: Signs and Characteristics

Need bee and wasp removal in Grand Rapids? Before you start dealing with any bee problem, it’s crucial to confirm that you are indeed dealing with ground bees. Different types of bees require different approaches for removal. Inspect your yard for small mounds of dirt shaped like cones to identify ground bees. These mounds will have a small hole at the top, resembling a pencil-size opening. This is a telltale sign of ground bee nests. Additionally, you may be able to spot ground bees themselves in your yard as they often hover around their nests. Ground bees are usually half an inch to three-fourths long, and their colors range from black and yellow to metallic shades of blue, purple, or green.
Ground Bees: Solo Travelers Who Pose Little Threat to Allergy Sufferers Ground bees, unlike honeybees, typically fly solo and rarely swarm or sting. This makes them far less dangerous to individuals allergic to bee stings. While male ground bees can be more aggressive, they are unlikely to cause serious harm to animals or humans.
Ground Bees: Solo Travelers Honeybees: Hive Dwellers
Ground bees usually measure around ½ inch long, although some can reach up to ¾ inch. They do not have queen bees; all female ground bees can reproduce. They tend to live in individual holes near each other, creating semi-social communities.
Honeybees, on the other hand, range from ½ inch to ⅔ inch in length. They have alternating black bands and yellow or amber hairs. The queen bee is the largest and the only fertile female in the hive. Honeybees and wasps in Grand Rapids are communal and social creatures, living together in one hive.

Tips for Getting Rid of Ground Bees

If you’re dealing with ground bees in your yard, it’s essential to take action to eliminate them. Here are some effective strategies:
1. Block access to existing nests: Identify the areas in Grand Rapids where the ground bees’ nest and eliminate their access points. This can involve filling in holes or covering them with soil or rocks.
2. Water the yard frequently: Ground bees prefer dry soil, so regularly watering your yard can help deter them. Make sure to focus on areas where their nests are located.
3. Use a vinegar and water solution or cinnamon: If you have existing ground bee nests, try using a 1:1 vinegar and water solution to eliminate them. Alternatively, sprinkling cinnamon on the nests can also be effective. Both of these natural remedies can discourage bees from staying in the area.
4. Call a professional bee removal service: If you're dealing with a large infestation or are unsure how to handle the situation safely, it's best to call in a professional bee removal service. They have the knowledge and proper equipment to safely remove bees without causing harm to you or the environment.

Safety Considerations

When dealing with ground bees, it's essential to take safety.


What are ground bees?
Ground bees are a type of bee species that make their nests in the soil.
How do I know if I have ground bees?
You can tell if you have ground bees by looking for small piles of dirt with a single hole at the top of your lawn.
Why do I have ground bees?
Ground bees are attracted to sandy, dry soil with little or no vegetation.
Are ground bees dangerous?
Ground bees are generally not aggressive and will only sting if threatened.
How can I deter ground bees?
To deter ground bees, you can change the condition of your soil by adding more vegetation or keeping the soil moist.
Can I remove ground bees myself?
If you are not allergic to bee stings, you can attempt to remove ground bees yourself. However, it is recommended to call a professional bee removal expert for safety.

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Ground bees can be a nuisance, but they can also be dangerous. If you have ground bees in your yard, it’s important to get rid of them as soon as possible. Wolverine Pest Control is the expert in ground bee and wasps’ removal in Grand Rapids. Contact us at (517) 999-5008 today to learn more about how we can help you get rid of ground bees in your yard.
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